Finally! I finally managed to sit down and write another blog ……..  or, maybe it should be, Finally! I get to go on a “proper” date with my husband, again☺

With 2 little darlings at home, it’s NOT at all easy for me and my husband to go out on date nights (or days). Last Saturday was pretty special because it was the 1st time in a very long time that me and my husband were able to go out for the evening without having to rush home. It was a night of double trouble as we were out with another lovely couple.

We started off watching The Blue Man Group at the Solaire Theater and it was a blast! It was crazy, funny and a very entertaining show filled with pumping music and even a bit of art and comedy. You leave the theater wondering what that was about and then just laugh it off because it was so much fun. At the end of the day (or night), that is all that matters ☺

The highlight of the night was our dinner at this fabulous Italian restaurant called Finestra, still at the Solaire Resort and Casino. A true fine dining experience, from it’s luxurious interiors to its fantastic food and thoughtful service (shout out to our waiter, Carl). We all left this restaurant already wishing we could go back.

We were greeted warmly at the door and asked to sit in the waiting area while they sorted our table (only took a few seconds). Had it taken longer then I wouldn’t have even minded at all as I was happy to admire the restaurant’s interiors (and yes, managed to quickly sneak in taking pictures to sort of document the night. The boys took charge of ordering our wine, not that I could ever be helpful in this area anyway. As we were seated waiting for our food, we were served with an  assortment of freshly baked house bread with the usual olive oil and balsamic vinegar (plus pesto). The Chef then sent each of us canapes but because it’s it came with tuna (was it def tuna?), I ended up having 2 (my husband is vegetarian).  It was one of those moments I was glad he’s veggie. This was followed by a shot of some sort of concoction from the bar and while it was such a nice drink, we stuck with our white wine.

Where the magic happens


I was so excited to eat that I didn’t even get to take pics of 2 other mains; one of  which was an absolutely divine Gnocchi with aged Gorgonzola cheese & cream of wild mushrooms. YUMMY!!!! My feast started with a tasty Seafood Cioppino followed by a fantastic grilled Tasmanian Salmon Trout with roasted asparagus and creamy mash. Finally, I was served with a classic Italian dessert, Tiramisu.

This special meal ended with what I would say was the sweetest touch from the restaurant; our ever so helpful waiter Carl, brought out this magical box filled with amazing assortments of sweets each of us can choose from. I used my pursuing power to end up with 2 choices for myself ☺

Hello there you sexy thing! We all wanted to take this baby home ☺


One more meal before heading home around 6ish in the morning

However much we love our little girls, being able to go out for a nice meal without having to worry about kids screaming and/or running around is such an experience these days. Truly, being parents changes your lives forever and this certainly makes you appreciate the little things that you normally take for granted such as having quiet time with your partner.We cannot play a single role in life and it is tricky  to juggle and balance all this but, the desire to make things work must be there. You cannot drop one role for the other or  you will end up with regrets later on in life. As we would say in the Philippines “may forever” it exists so long as both parties are working towards “forever”.

So, here’s to more fantastic dates with my husband for many more years to come!

Last hurra for these 2 pieces I used for the date (hey, you gotta work on looking nice for your date, yeah?) Shoes were a complete bargain (can’t say the same for the bag but, I love it and intend to use it every chance I get). My excitement to use the bag was the opposite feeling for the shoes. My feet are no longer accustomed to wearing high heel shoes but, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta (do).



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