Happy Anniversary

So, it took me 2 long months before I managed to finally sit down and blog again. I guess I got stuck with daily Mum duties plus the holiday season came along and then it was New Year before you knew it. My daughter just turned 3 a few days ago (that also got me busy, of course) and I thought that’s what I would write about next, but then I also realized I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to write about our 2nd year anniversary celebration.

Having December 23rd as your wedding anniversary means chaos before, during and after this magical day, it being too close to Christmas. Having said that, we agreed we would postpone our celebration until after Christmas and have a proper timeout from the kids. The date picked was 28th of December and the place, Sonya’s Garden Bed & Breakfast in Tagaytay.

But first, a quick share that my husband still managed to surprise me on the actual day of our anniversary. Walking downstairs, I was greeted good morning with a bouquet of beautiful flowers, a box of chocolates at the table……my romantic husband sleeping on the floor and our good friend lying fast asleep on our sofa. Hey, a good friend is always welcome in our house no matter what date and time it is! Another part of the surprise was that he took the day off from work and planned an afternoon-tea for us, which actually ended up as a late lunch in a local Chinese place because traffic was mental and we couldn’t get a ride to Commons. I suppose this days’ turn out made us more deserving of our later celebration 🙂


Moving forward to December 28, Mr & Mrs took a bus to Tagaytay just like the old days. I know a lot of girls and/or guys that dread the thought of commuting, especially when going anywhere out of town. To us, this was an opportunity to reminisce about the old days when we had just started dating and were looking for adventures together at every chance we could get (this basically meant every weekend!).

The commute wasn’t that bad, except for the traffic which is inevitable, whether commuting or driving your own car. We took a bus from EDSA MRT Pasay which cost (about) P93 each and because we were hungry, decided to stop by at Breakfast at Antonio’s. After our tummies had been filled, the journey continued with a quick jeepney ride costing P24 for both of us taking us to Bucks Estate. After about 5-8 minutes and a P30 tricycle ride, we finally reached our destination.

Sharing a few snaps below of our Breakfast at Antonio’s experience.

As you can imagine, Sonya’s Garden is very popular for weddings and no, June is NOT the peak season for weddings in the Philippines but December (um, yeah I’m celebrating mine this month too, remember?!) As we entered, we immediately heard an event happening in one of their conservatories. A pleasant guy greeted us and showed us the way to the reception wherein we were promptly helped to check in to our room.

I’d say our room was good for family or at least group of  four, having 2 queen size beds with 2 small sitting spaces that can also be used for a snooze (If you’re Filipino sized, that is). There was no television, radio or any sort of ‘entertainment’ available in the room other than books. With no phone signal, no WiFi and staying overnight I was basically trapped with my husband to chat the night away! Kidding aside, this is a lovely place, but with dinner being served from 5-7pm (that’s what we were told though, more people were coming in after 7), you’re bound to get restless soon after finishing your meal.


lovely little nook

we didn’t need separate beds
plenty of sitting options in our very spacious room
feel nostalgic with their antique furnishings

We had a cozy bathroom again with extra seating, for whatever you may need it for 🙂

The garden changes its charm from day to night and I was surprised that there weren’t as many mosquitoes around; usually typical of places with an abundance of plants.



All around the area, you’ll find romantic little nooks for photo-addict single/couples alike for that perfect Instagram post or new Facebook profile pic.


I’m pleased that vegetarians now have more options around the Philippines. Sonya’s Garden caters for people with dietary requirements such as my husband. Their dinner buffet at the time of our stay were pasta with 2 kinds of sauces (sun dried tomato & chicken cream with mango), you’ll have the option to top it with shiitake mushrooms, capers and olives and grated parmesan cheese. We were also served with their home baked breads and bruschetta tomato toppings, mushroom pate while black olive tapenade and basil pesto were my faves. Their salad dressing was a sure hit too.

Make sure NOT to miss their taragon tea.


Your morning will be welcomed with typical Filipino breakfast (daing na bangus, eggs, chicken pork adobo, fresh fruit, bread, brewed coffee, tea or hot chocolate).

Overall, we had a fantastic anniversary celebration spending undistributed couples time and  made new couples adventure just like the good old days.

goofies 🙂
Until our next adventure. Ciao!

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