Kiddie Picnic Party


Kids grow up so quickly. This is what we used to hear all the time and yeah folks, it’s so true. With all the hard work, tears, pains, joys among other sweet and not so sweet things you experience being parents, one day you stop and think, where did the time go? One minute she was a baby and now I’m writing about her 3rd birthday party!

Me and my husband agreed (or more of, I convinced my husband) to have a low key 3rd birthday celebration for our eldest. We had big 1st birthdays for both of them and I think the next big one should be for their 7th.

My husband took the day off from work on our daughter’s actual birthday and with all the options presented to her, she opted to have a meal and painting session on her special day.

But first, her special day was welcomed with wonderful presents!

We then went to one of our favorite vegetarian restaurants along Wilson Street in Greenhills called LUCY IN THE SKY CAFE. They have great food, place is lovely and cozy, photo opt’s from every corner with colours that’ll surely liven up anyone’s day. If you are a fan of Longanisa then you must try theirs, it’s my absolute favorite. Both my kids, as well as my husband enjoyed their pesto pasta. It was a big serving and my little kids almost ate it all! In the end, she decided she didn’t want to paint anymore. She and Daddy went to see SING which they both enjoyed 🙂

Now, for her actual celebration. She got to pick from either a ballerina or picnic themed party and I’m glad she chose PICNIC! Since we decided it wasn’t going to be a big one (Filipino celebrations mean inviting the whole subdivision, the whole clan and all your mates); I informally invited her friends by just asking them to have a luncheon picnic with us on the weekend of her birthday. Though in the end I still decided to giveaway invites, to sort of make it more official on who’s actually invited.

I made this fun ‘pop-me’ balloon invite minus the confetti as I wasn’t sure all parents would appreciate the mess it would create. It was fun to hear the kids get excited for the uniqueness and/or the actual popping of the balloon:

balloons bought from the market and printed our own invites
the finished product (outside note should be smaller to fit well on the balloon)

Here’s the birthday celebrant all set to give out her invites


Since we don’t own a car (yet 😊); our garage was free to use for my picnic set up. My initial plan was to order personalized throw pillows for the kids which will also then be doubled as giveaways. Because of small number, we couldn’t make the order (suppliers require a minimum of 30pcs).

Off to the palengke I go. Luckily Pasig Palengke is good one stop shop and I found long mats to use for the kids seating while palettes were bought to use as their table.

I’m a sucker for fresh flowers and so they were key elements to my table set up. Add a couple of banderitas and our garage looked a bit more fun and lively for a picnic.

these beauties only cost P80/dozen

One more thing I’m very proud of is my hot air balloon photo set up for the kids. I must say, even a few adults went in for a photo so I’d say it was a hit 👍🏻

Materials used: Balikbayan Box (P100); Burlap (90/yard); Banderitas P65; Number 3 Balloon P45
that silly 3-year-old face
the sisters and their cool little friend

My daughter being vegetarian, I had to make sure most (if not all) of the food served was good for her too. The last thing you want is for your kid to feel left out in her own party, right? So, I prepared them mini veggie burger’s (mini buns were specially requested from our local bakery, P10 for a pack of 6); fries (or chips, if you’re English 😃); popcorn (that massive bag from Taters, thanks to Ninang Wilna); cheese pimiento and egg sandwiches and spaghetti (non veggie for my daughters’ friends, just because I don’t know how they will take veggie one and don’t want food wasted). For dessert, they had my home-baked brownies and banana & apple on a skewer with homemade caramel sauce.



Learning time management and better organization are the key points for me to get better on my future events/hosting job. If it wasn’t for my husband’s help, I probably won’t have enough decent photos to show on this blog. I hope I’ll have breathing time in my future events to actually enjoy and take photos of the things I work so hard for instead of running around like a headless chicken at the day of the event.

Overall, I am very happy with how my daughter’s birthday turned out and the most important thing is that she and her friends had a blast! Having a chance  to share my experiences on this blog is like a breath of fresh air that lets me distress and actually take time as well  to appreciate the joys of motherhood . Trust me, I’m still discovering new things about myself each day as I grow with my kids realizing there’s a lot I can actually do.

Oh, let me also add I’m proud it didn’t take me 2 months before writing a new blog.

Thank you for reading!

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