Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar


The last weekend of January would have to be one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time! I’ve got my family to thank for tagging us along on their Bataan trip and ….. Roger Federer for winning Australian Open once again πŸ™‚

I’ve not heard much about Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar before though, I remember seeing it from 2 different local travel shows in the past. I didn’t think much of it then and my stepmom is probably the only person I’ve heard with consistent desire to visit the place.

It was almost 4pm when we arrived at the resort. The building reception we were ushered into was still under construction and with a couple of old wooden houses nearby I still didn’t expect much from the place.

I’d have to say, I started getting impressed as we walked towards our accommodation. We were greeted with such lovely spaces of old architecture, pretty surroundings and a cute little bridge.img_1758img_1630img_1624

Our accommodation was at Hotel De Oriente. We had 2 queen size beds in our room and a very spacious bathroom with magnificent ceiling. Personally, I love the wooden beams and wish that when we can afford our bathrooms renovation, I’d be able to steal those gorgeous white ceiling. My girls enjoyed their time in the bath πŸ™‚

This place is packed with Instagram worthy spots that you are just left in owe everywhere you look. I’m totally smitten by this place so, brace yourself with lots of selfies on this blog πŸ™‚

me and my girls waiting for the Carabao race
look at that beautiful ceiling and this silly mama πŸ™‚
one of their pretty accommodation buildings fronting the beach

Staying true to the resorts theme are their Filipino native entertainment offerings. That Saturday afternoon that we checked in, we watched a game called “Palosebo” andΒ Carabao race.

Parade of the Carabao before the race

They also have a beach for those who want to take a dip in the sea.I suppose not many of their guests laze around the beach so they don’t have as much sunbeds around. I did see a ready fire pit for those who’d want to gather around a fireplace at night. A few people were also playing beach volleyball.


Another thing I love about this place is that it gives you a different feel depending on the time/weather. I would say it’s probably best enjoyed during the cooler months (December-February) so you can walk around the resort without having to carry umbrellas because it’s either too hot or raining. Browse through the photos below and see how it’s looking so charming and pretty in daytime and then absolutely romantic at night





We took advantage of having to share rooms with my Dad and Step-mum by sneaking out for a night-cap when our girls finally dozed off for the night.

Cafe del Rio

The night was a bit chilly and Cafe del Rio was stunningly romantic, situated along the river opposite the church. The ambiance of this place will make you feel like you’ve been transported back in time. Sadly, this restaurant seems to have issues with their service. Can’t say whether it’s their waiters or kitchen but, there’s been a few instances of orders either being served so late or didn’t come at all. When we went there for snack, my sister’s Chicken Empanada was served when we already asked for the bill and it was still cold in the middle while there were 3 items in our bill that weren’t ordered. I’m sure the bill issue was unintentional, however that’s still a negative score in my book. Aside from that, our Churros during our night-cap never came, that’s even after following up a couple of times with two different waiters. Negativity aside, we had a wonderful night having almost the whole resort to ourselves walking around without lots of people around. For those who want to truly take in the beauty of this place, don’t miss a walk in the evening when most guest are asleep or enjoying the comfort of their rooms. This is your moment to take pics, and so we did πŸ™‚


Thankfully, we didn’t have the same service issues at their Italian restaurant called, La Bella Teodora. Service was quick and food was very good. Even my girls enjoyed their meals. Of course, pasta and pizza were the main orders.

La Familia

Our accommodation came with free buffet breakfast at Cafe Marivent. This is probably my least favorite restaurant in the resort. Firstly, there was nothing special in their interiors and there’s absolutely Β no view of the outside. Food wise, I thought their ala carte menu was expensive (judging from Pakbet costing over P500 though served with bagnet) and their buffet was P1,000 per head. This is also where guests take their buffet breakfast which consist of Tapa, Tocino, Adobo, Danggit and scrambled egg, pandesal and fruit. Personally, the highlight of my breakfast was their very light sugar-coated donuts which reminded me of Bicho-Bicho during my childhood. Yum!

outside Cafe Marivent

Their ‘batis inspired’ brook swimming pool is only open to stay in guests. It’s good for people like me who can’t swim because it’s only about 4ft deep with a smaller area shallow enough for little kids to walk around. You have to be careful as there are big rocks that could spells danger if you slipped and bang yourself on them.


water was cold. it’ll be so welcoming on a hot summer day

You can board their jeepney or tram for free should you get tired of walking around their 27 hectare resort πŸ™‚


Or hire a kalesa to tour around. Adults pay P75 each and each kalesa is only allowed to carry maximum of 4 adults. Our kalesa driver was kind enough to tell us some brief stories about the heritage houses so the ride felt like a mini heritage tour in itself πŸ™‚


To fully enjoy our overnight stay, we decided to join their Heritage Tour after we’ve checked out and we are able to stay longer in the resort as check out was at noon. Heritage Tour is offered every hour starting at 8:30 in the morning while afternoon schedule starts at 1:30PM. While waiting for our tour, we enjoyed a little snack at one of their smaller restaurants serving Filipino merienda


my little girl enjoying her ice cream
our lovely tour guide ‘Kesha’
a very short play was held during the tour re-enacting the tragic history of one of the houses

Construction are ongoing throughout the resort so, you can imagine this place is constantly transforming as well as expanding. Kesha told us that there’s over 50 heritage houses in the resort 35 of which are original while the remainders are replicas.

Be warned that they are packed with people during Holy Week so, I’d avoid this time to visit if you would like to truly enjoy the place. I’d say that overnight stay is probably enough here especially if you are the type who longs for a late night. The place can get really quiet early which might be too much for some people. I also noticed they are not very strict on outside food and beverages though guests are informed this is not allowed or you’ll be fined a corkage fee. I’d say be very discreet if you are bringing in little snacks or drinks. This will certainly help your budget especially if you are a big group as food in the resort can be a bit pricey.

As a whole this weekend was one for the books and I highly recommend this place to anyone. I sure wish to be able to go back here in the future!

Leaving you with a couple more photos πŸ™‚




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